Spirit of the Camino is a web platform created by Nick Leonard. An Australian journalist and tour guide who has lived overseas for 20 years, Nick is a passionate traveller, writer, photographer and pilgrim. When he isn’t walking the camino, Nick can be be found exploring one of the 100+ countries he has visited or covering major sports events for official news services, including at eight Olympic Games.

Nick lives in Lisbon with his wife Wendy, who co-hosts the Spirit of the Camino podcast and is the creator of The Nomadic Vegan. Together they have walked the following caminos: Francés 2017, Primitivo 2018, Madrid 2019, Portugués 2020, Nascente/Torres/Geira/Finisterre 2021.

Nick and Wendy on camino: starting the Camino de Madrid in 2019; enjoying morning wine on the Camino Primitivo in 2018; outside their front door in Lisbon about to start their pandemic camino in 2020.

To contact Nick, send an email to spiritofthecamino [at] gmail [dot] com or get in touch through one of the social media channels below.

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Thank you, thank you. What others have said, “insightful, excellent, great report, clear and comprehensive, brilliant, superbly written, really interesting,” and I’ll add, outstanding.


This article is one of the most well-written and brilliantly descriptive articles about Roman reality at the height of the empire, and this complicated and brilliant emperor, I’ve ever read. For those who love ancient Rome.. you will greatly enjoy reading it.

Aaron Lindahl

Yet again, we see what a gifted photographer you are!! … there could be so many more photographs listed here, too …. breathtaking!