Six Reasons Not to Skip the Meseta

When the topic of skipping stages on the Camino Francés comes up, talk will inevitably turn to the Meseta. Even admirers of this 180km stretch of the Camino de Santiago through flat, hot, shadeless fields between Burgos and León will describe the Meseta as monotonous, while detractors find it incredibly dull and boring.  If you’reContinue reading “Six Reasons Not to Skip the Meseta”

Best Starting Points for the Camino Francés

For many pilgrims, the Camino Francés, or French Way, is the Camino de Santiago. In 2019, more than half the pilgrims who walked the camino and received a compostela walked the Camino Francés, despite the existence of many other routes. If you’re thinking about walking the Camino Francés but don’t know where to begin –Continue reading “Best Starting Points for the Camino Francés”