Podcast Season 1

Podcast Season 1

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In the first season of our podcast, Nick and Wendy trace their 2020 Caminho Português from their front door in Lisbon all the way to Santiago. They discuss how the pandemic affected the camino, what they learned about Portugal and more!

Season 1: The Portuguese Way

Episode 1.1 – Pandemic Camino

Our first season focuses on the Portuguese Way. In this episode, Nick and Wendy talk about walking from Lisbon to Santiago during the coronavirus pandemic and how that made it a different camino experience. Bom caminho!

Episode 1.2 – Walking in Portugal

In this episode, Nick and Wendy talk about how walking a camino in Portugal is different from walking in Spain. In particular, they discuss Portuguese identity, the cultural similarities between northern Portugal and Galicia, and some practical aspects of being on camino in Portugal. Bom caminho!

Episode 1.3 – Is it Worth Starting in Lisbon?

Nick and Wendy join the debate about whether it’s worth starting the Portuguese Way in Lisbon. They discuss various aspects of the camino between Lisbon and Porto, including the trail itself, some important destinations along the way and a few special places where they felt the spirit of the camino. Bom caminho! 

Episode 1.4 – Central or Coastal?

One of the main debates surrounding the Portuguese Way is whether to take the central route or the coastal route from Porto. To discuss this topic, Nick and Wendy are joined by camino author and Pilgrimage Traveler Elle Bieling, who has written guidebooks for both routes. Bom caminho!

Episode 1.5 – The Variante Espiritual

Discover the highlights of the Variante Espiritual as Nick and Wendy discuss this increasingly popular variant at the end of the Portuguese Way. Bom caminho! 

Episode 1.6 – Camino Languages

Nick and Wendy discuss their experience with languages on the Portuguese Way. Wendy, a polyglot and former United Nations translator with a degree in Portuguese, gives her insights into both Portuguese and Galego. Bom caminho and bo camiño!

Episode 1.7 – Portuguese Way Top Tips

In the last episode of our first season, Nick and Wendy wrap up the Portuguese Way by giving their top tips for this camino as well as discussing a few other things that didn’t make it into earlier episodes. Bom caminho!

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