Podcast Season 4

Podcast Season 4

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In the fourth season of our podcast, we discuss our pilgrimage walks in 2023, including to Fátima, Santiago and more!

Season 4: Fátima and Beyond

Episode 4.1 – Caminho do Mar – Introduction

The fourth season of our podcast is called ‘Fátima and Beyond’ and we begin by introducing our pilgrimage to the Portuguese holy place of Fátima on the Caminho do Mar. Bom caminho!

Show Notes:
8:30: Portuguese with Leo 
15:20: Caminhos de Fátima
Places mentioned: Cascais, Estoril, Belém, Sintra, Óbidos, Alcobaça, Mafra.

Episode 4.2 – Caminho do Mar – Highlights and Summary

Nick and Wendy provide a summary of their 10-day Caminho do Mar from Lisbon to Fátima, including highlights, lowlights and practicalities. Bom caminho!

Show Notes:
Places: Alcobaça Monastery | Sintra | Óbidos | Odrinhas Archeological Museum
Other: Osvaldo’s blog (in Portuguese) | Caminho de Nazaré

Episode 4.3 – Fátima

Nick and Wendy discuss their experience in Fátima and their impressions of the famous Portuguese pilgrimage destination at the end of the Caminho do Mar. Spoiler alert: they were pleasantly surprised!

Episode 4.4 – The Camino Inglés

Nick and Wendy discuss their latest camino: the Camino Inglés (the English Way), including highlights, practicalities, and where the Inglés fits in the camino landscape. ¡Buen camino!

Show Notes: 
3:30: Gronze Stages
24:00: Pilgrimage Traveler 
Places mentioned on the Camino Inglés: Betanzos, Pontedeume, Miño, Bruma (the bed race), Sigüeiro.

Episode 4.5 – Madeira and the Caminho Real 23

In this episode, Nick and Wendy describe their adventurous nine-day hike around the island of the Madeira on a historic trail, the Caminho Real 23. Bom caminho!

Show Notes: 
Caminho Real Association: Web | Facebook | Tracks

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