Podcast Season 5

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In the fifth season of our podcast, Nick and Wendy discuss our latest pilgrimage walks, including several in Italy, the Camino de Invierno and more!

Episode 5.1 – The Via di Francesco

In the first episode of our fifth season, titled ‘Italian and Winter Ways’, Nick recounts his pilgrimage on the Via di Francesco (Way of St. Francis) in central Italy. Buon cammino!

Show Notes:

Major Towns: Assisi, Gubbio, Spoleto, Rieti
Other Places of Interest: La Verna Sanctuary (where St. Francis received the stigmata), Cascata delle Marmore (the ‘Roman’ waterfall)
Nick’s Rome Entry: From Monte Sacro, consider taking the Via Nomentana (including a visit to the church of Saint Agnes Outside the Walls) to Porta Pia and from there into Rome, perhaps including San Giovanni in Laterano with the statue of St. Francis directly opposite the church.
Official Website of the Via di Francesco

Episode 5.2 – The Magna Via Francigena

As we continue our exploration of pilgrimage routes in Italy, Nick recounts his solo walk on the Magna Via Francigena in Sicily. Buon cammino!

Show Notes:

Main Attractions: Palermo, Monreale, Agrigento
Most Beautiful Villages/Towns: Sutera, Racalmuto 
Nick’s Best Sunset Spot at Agrigento: The east side of the Temple of Juno (Giunone)
Goat Art: Realised by Domenico Cocchiara; article with photos (in Italian)
The Official Website of the Magna Via Francigena (in Italian)