Estoria de Espanna

The ‘Estoria de Espanna’ is a history of Spain written in the 13th century during the medieval heyday of the Camino de Santiago. This article documents my experience working on a modern digitisation project of the Estoria.

The Muslim City of Lisbon

Despite being one of the starting points for the Camino de Santiago, Lisbon’s past and present show a religious influence beyond Christianity. This article explores the legacy of Islam in the Portuguese capital.

Always in All Things Changeable

His camino took him all over his empire from his birthplace on what became the Vía de la Plata (Itálica) to Rome, Jerusalem and beyond. This article explores the life – and death – of the Roman emperor Hadrian.

Travels in Orange Lands

Orange trees are ubiquitous in southern Spain and Portugal. But the story of how the fruit arrived in the lands of the Camino de Santiago – and why it’s called what it is in many languages – might surprise you.